Oh the joys of dirtbiking. Falling in a pile of nails, passing out from heat exhaustion, and accidentally launching off a cliff. The Comedy Parenting Radio crew instills respect for our favorite wheeled sport in this uproariously crazy episode. Better wear helmet and pads when you listen to this show.

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Join Mark and Michelle as they show Jerry that he’s not the only one who sometimes assumes another identity. Did Michelle’s boyfriend really play for the Denver Broncos? Will Zoe ever get her coffee? And why on earth is Jerry crawling across the parking lot on his hands and knees? It’s Comedy Parenting Radio showing you that we’re all born in the wrong skin… occasionally.

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Moving seven children from home to town, and through stores, is the equivalent of D-Day logistics. Comedy Parenting Radio gives you a hilarious view of the Begly tribe moving through space… with bonus round surprises for Dad along the way.

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The Early Days of Pizza. Snowmobiles and pizza. Square vs. triangle. There are some off-the-wall topics tied into pizza in this episode. But then, what did you expect with Comedy Parenting Radio?

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What do whoopie cushions, ski school, and flies have in common? Will Boogerbreath ever get what he deserves? Why can’t ski instructors roast marshmallows anymore? Find out the answers to these and other questions this week on Comedy Parenting Radio! (Except for the marshmallow question. We still don’t know why you can’t roast marshmallows in ski school…)

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